Sooshin Choi is a designer, design educator and a design leader.

He is Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs and Professor of Design at the College for Creative Studies. As a Chief Academic Officer at CCS, Choi is responsible for developing vision and leadership for all matters related to academic operations. As a Chief Innovation Officer, Choi is responsible for nurturing innovation in curriculum and all educational aspects.

His professional career includes 18 years of automotive design at General Motors Korea and Kia Motors, 5 years of system furniture design at Fursys and 3 years of innovative product design at DEKA Research and Development. He taught at and served as a School Director at University of Cincinnati for over 10 years prior to join CCS.

Choi is a frequent speaker at various international venues and serve as a jury and a judge for numerous international design competitions including IDEA, BraunPrize, China Car Design Award. He also has won a number of prestigious awards as a designer and design educator.

Sooshin Choi is a member of the Michigan Design Council and a member of the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA); he served as the Education Vice President from 2012-2014, was the recipient of IDSA Educator of the Year 2014, jury member for IDEA 2015 and Chair for the IDSA International Conference 2016 in Detroit.


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